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We have over 8 years of expertise in implementing Sterling eBusiness solutions for different verticals.
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Our Company strength lies on our true conviction to deliver grounded, on-budget consulting and product solutions for eCommerce & ERP.
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Our expertise in Open Source tools and products gives us a lead in delivering and executing cost effective solutions to our customers..

Our internet based product named cBroker delivers a complete powerful eBusiness software solutions for electronic component brokers that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of entire business processes. We help the brokering companies increase revenue, reduce operation costs, enable greater buying and selling efficiency and effectiveness, and automate the entire business process.

  1. Web application that can support high volume of products.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Save time by reducing your manual complex business management.
  4. Match Requirements against your inventory and Offers.
  5. Match Offers against requirements.
  6. Electronic RFQ and Quotes via email.
  7. Updates RFQ and Quote email replies automatically into the system and generates notifications.
  8. Convert eQuotes into eInvoices.
  9. Generates various complex reports.
  10. Total Automation from searching items, matching against requirements and offers, generate RFQ, Quote, and Invoices. Automatic update of replies for electronic RFQ and Quote - no manual interventions.
  11. Advanced search functionality.
  12. Basic to advanced reports.
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Cost-effective Solutions

We also are specialized in providing cost-effective solutions using top of the line open source tools without compromising the quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to proactively evaluate and adopt advantages in the eCommerce industry and apply them to business needs, thereby using cutting edge technology for serving our clients to attain their objectives.

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